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What you can do to get involved.

Call the San Carlos Airport noise line to complain at 650.573.2666
Contact your San Mateo Board of Supervisors
Make a Noise Complaint
Become part of the Movement
Contact the FAA
Talk to Others
Contact City and County Officials
File a Small Claims Suit

In April, 2018 we conducted a San Carlos Airport (KSQL) Noise Survey. The results are online at:

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the poll. We had 199 responses. Our recent meeting (April 2018) with the airport management, including a staff member from the supervisors office, Atherton Council member Elizabeth Lewis and a couple of airport supporters was not particularly satisfying. We left with the feeling that they feel they have done as much as possible and that we should be satisfied. We discussed the 6 am departures – if the SQL tower opened an hour earlier at 6 am instead of 7 am, the noise would avoid most residential areas. Their response: The extra hour would add to the cost of operations, but the additional hour would allow those early morning planes to avoid our area. Atherton Council agrees with our local group that more can be done by the airport to alleviate the unacceptable noise brought to us by Surf Air. Continue with the noise complaints. Still no word from the Department of Transportation on the challenge to the Encompass (Surf) request for continuation and expansion of their operating classification. As we know, Surf should be classified the same as other scheduled passenger service airlines. If they were so classified, they would fly out of larger airports and passengers would go through TSA security.