June 17 Surf Air Protest March – Come Join Us!

A Surf Air Protest March will be held Saturday, June 17, 2017 from 9AM-noon at Surf Air’s San Carlos terminal at 701 Skyway Road, San Carlos. Parking will be available nearby at 795 Skyway Road. Restrooms and shady areas will be available for protestors.

The purpose of the protest is to encourage Surf Air to significantly curtail the disruptive noise disturbances their planes create or to cease their San Carlos airport operations completely.

Protestors are encouraged to not disrupt airport operations, block road traffic and to stay on sidewalks as much as possible.

Volunteers are needed to create and design signs and pamphlets, to help with media outreach/coordination and other things that may come up. Please use the contact form to reach out to help!

Download the flyer of the event – print to hand out to your neighbors.