San Carlos Airport Noise Study

The County and the airport have hired a firm to do a Part 150 study.   There will be four meetings.   First one was the evening of 4/20/17.   Others will be scheduled later and (more) notice provided. will post them as will the website below.   We are part of the steering committee – the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC).   We will post information from those PAC meetings, including information from the first one held the afternoon of 4/20/17.

This study does not solve our noise issue with Surf Air and others that fly the Pilatus and/or fly at very later or very early hours.  There is minimal noise metering with the study.   This is explained later on this website in the FAQs.   The Open House format will allow you to pick up the same material that you can get on the website.   The consultants will be there to answer questions.   This is not the venue for policy discussions.   The meetings have Comment cards and the website has the Comment section with the same card.   They prefer emailed comments.

“The Public Information Meeting will be an Open House format. Please feel free to drop by the meeting anytime between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM to gather information and ask questions about the San Carlos Airport Part 150 Noise Study. In the event you are unable to attend, the materials from the Public Information Meeting as well as subsequent meetings will be posted on the following website”