Oct 14, 2015 SurfAir at San Carlos Airport

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On 10/14/15 a meeting was held in the County building in Redwood City.  Among those attending the closed meeting were two County Supervisors, FAA personnel, representatives from Eshoo’s and Speier’s office, members of Calm the Skies residents group, the San Carlos Airport Manager and a member of the Pilots Association.  The purpose of the meeting was “FAA discussion on Surf-Air restrictions and jurisdiction.”

The FAA stated that they would return with answers to certain questions presented to them.  Everyone at the meeting expressed the need to stop the excessive noise from Surf Air and potentially other Non Stage aircraft like Surf Air.  Everyone desires a solution that is non-discriminatory but effective in controlling the output of noise. 

The FAA was asked to return with solutions.  It was encouraging to see the consensus around the adverse impacts of airplane noise.  There is no argument that the current situation is detrimental to our health and quality of life and must be changed.