Make a Noise Complaint

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Contact the San Mateo Board of Supervisors
For convenience, to copy/paste all email addresses of the San Mateo Board of Supervisors into your email client and email them directly, use the following list:,,,,

Fill out the Online Form
Autofill instructions for a PC using Google Chrome: When using the Chrome browser:   Upper right click the 3 vertical dots, select Settings.  Upper left of screen has Auto fill.  Select it then select Addresses and more.  Insert your address.  Try a noise complaint and see if your address will fill when you click on a field.  I can click anywhere on the complaint form, either name or address and my computer will fill in all the fields.

Note: To set up autofill for the form, please download the instructions here:
Autofill instructions for a PC using Mozilla Firefox >>

How do I determine if the airplane flying above me is a SurfAir plane?
San Carlos Airport Flight Tracker
 – tells you what flights arrived and departed from the airport and when
To use for any airport:
1 – In the “Search for flight,tail,airport, or city” box put “KSQL” as the airport code and click “Track”.
2 – Any ident (column name) beginning “WSN” (e.g., WSN21) is an Advanced Air (SurfAir carrier).

Call the San Carlos Airport and leave a voicemail on the noise complaint hotline 844-266-6266

Jet Noise – How to Fight Back against SFO
After registering as a user, allows you to automatically send complaints with a click, even from your phone

Present Surf Air Schedule This requires a registration to Surf Air.

For quick reference, please view the present schedule .