Noise & Complaints FAQs

(1) I have filed many complaints with the noise complaint line.   Where do these complaints go and why is there no effect from filing them?
Complaints are organized and filed by KSQL.   The data is public.   Many people are aware of the volume of complaints (see question below).   The Supervisors have done nothing to address the noise.   New and different Supervisors would perhaps be more active.   It is not a priority for this group.

(2) How many complaints are filed and how has that number increased over time?
Before Surf Air starts flying from/into San Carlos Airport
First Qtr 2013 = 14 complaints (prev yr 9)
Second Qtr 2013 = 11 (prev yr 17)

SurfAir starts flying from/into San Carlos Airport
Third Qtr 2013 = 37 (prev yr 17 )
Fourth Qtr 2013 = 79 (prev yr 17).  Surf has about 3 flights per day at this time.
First Qtr 2014 = 266 (prev yr 14)
Second Qtr 2014 = 128 (prev yr 11)
Third Qtr 2014 = 128 (prev yr 37)
Fourth Qtr 2014 = 190

2015 data is unavailable.

Data presented at the Town Hall meeting in RWC on 9/14/16 showed that complaints have increased to 200 – 465 per week.  Not per quarter but per week.  Complaints have continued to increase.  Data for 2016 shows a similar pattern, increasing to over 1200 per week average for the fourth quarter 2016 and first quarter 2017.