Board of Supervisors Meeting

County Supervisors Meeting Summary of Meeting
March 9, 2016

Residents who attended a packed hearing Tuesday on noise generated by planes at the small airport said the problem got significantly worse three years ago, right around the time Surf Air, which bills itself as “the nation’s private air travel club,” began flying out of the airport.

As reported by the SJ Mercury News San Mateo County Times on the Board of Supervisors meeting of March 8, 2016:  “After listening to complaints from more than a dozen residents, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors called for a study of noise generated by airplanes flying in and out of the county-owned airport that could include mandatory restrictions on flying at night and other measures.

The board also heard from more than 20 supporters of the airport, who expressed concern that restricting activities at the airport could threaten people’s jobs and possibly lead to the facility’s closure. Supervisors assured them those fears were unfounded.”

Board President Warren Slocum said it’s “certainly not our intent … to shut down the airport or adversely affect the small businesses that operate at the San Carlos Airport.

Other supervisors agreed they have no intention of closing the airport. “I guarantee you that would never happen,” said Supervisor Don Horsley. “I think the airport does provide a valuable service.”

However, he said, years of working with Surf Air have not produced a solution. “Nothing has worked and we have not seen any improvements,” he said.

The county has a responsibility to the health and safety of its residents, he said. “Noise does affect people’s health. It is not a few people; it is a lot of people.”

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